The President’s Daughter

In a narrative of suspense, action, and family secrets Madison Drinker will face the shadow of her own abusive past and the cloak and dagger world of “opposition research” as she risks more than just her life to learn the secret of the President’s Daughter. A real-world masochist, with social ties in the underground world of kink and fetish, Madison hides her emotional instability inside a high-stress and high-dopamine job in the world of opposition research or “oppo” in Washington DC politispeak. 

Graveyard humor and a lack of self-preservation propel her into an investigation which will pit Madison and her partner, a former British paparazzi turned foreign correspondent, against the most powerful man in the free world. The ability to endure pain and emotional duress are tested as Madison investigates previously debunked charges that the sitting President, rough-edged former American Gunman reality star William Foster, was involved in sexual abuse of his daughter Kaidence and hired a Baltimore prostitute to roleplay her for bedroom games.

Madison Drinker fights to learn the truth against a backdrop of issues vital and trending in today’s world: sexual countercultures, family abuse, surveillance, demagoguery, privatized intelligence, and an Imperial President. 

Squaring off against the President’s private security, headed by a brutal Memphis ex-cop with flexible ethics and near-unlimited resources Madison comes face to face with the truth…and with herself. Crafted with meticulous precision and attention to detail, The President’s Daughtercaptures the grunge and glitz of Washington, Baltimore, and Philadelphia without stretching the bounds of politics or straying into science fiction.

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