Mastering Erotic Hypnosis: A Comprehensive Manual for Erotic Play, Fetish, and Kink

Lays bare all the secrets of hypnotic play for pleasure and kink. 
Clear, step by step guide explains underlying theory as well as practice so that you can understand hypnosis. 

Authors James Gordon, a clinical hypnotherapist, and Rebecca Doll, who holds a master’s in education, have written an exhaustive guide. Taking a clear, consent based, non-gendered , approach to hypnotic instruction, we use a scientific and historical approach to de-mystify hypnosis so that anyone and everyone can learn to hypnotize not just highly suggestible individuals, but any partner. 

Not just a list of scripts or tricks 
A thorough course in the art and science of hypnosis:
‣ Ethics and consent
‣Why inductions fail and what to do when it happens
‣Types of suggestibility and how to test for them
‣How to create a hypnotic modality
‣Deepening techniques

Erotic play suggestions including:
‣Eroticization of…anything
‣Orgasm control
‣Transformations of all kinds
‣Orgasm on command
‣Hypnotic roleplay

Have you been looking for a book that lays bare all the secrets of hypnotic play for pleasure and kink? A clear, step by step guide that explains theory as well as practice so that you can develop your own style and flair? We focus on teaching fundamentals so that you can develop your own unique style and flair. 

Other books are designed to give you a few scripts and tricks, but they are not an entire course in hypnosis. We reveal all the keys that will allow the reader a complete understanding of how to hypnotize. Among many topics we cover: ethics and consent, types of suggestibility, suggestibility testing, hypnotic modalities, inductions, deepening techniques.

Designed to be an inclusive course, we offer roadmap of how to recover if you have a problem, and what to do if you experience abreactions or other issues in hypnosis, discussing important issues such as emotional support and aftercare. We tell you the things that are vital to your knowledge and understanding of how to successfully hypnotize even those subjects that have previously proven difficult or impossible to hypnotize. If you’ve been looking for a respectable source for training in erotic hypnosis with a full and up front discussion of both the easy and hard parts, this book is an excellent guide.

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