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  • The Doll is intended for decorative purposes only. Management is not responsible for injuries sustained from improper use.
  • The Doll is a one-of-a-kind display piece. Scheduling appearances requires advanced notice as it is often booked significantly into the future. Last-minute changes are often impossible to accommodate. Plan accordingly.


The tl;dr version: she, he, it, or they are all fine and subject to however my presentation strikes you at the time. If you want to know more, read here.

User’s manual

First and foremost, I am a bouncy, cheerful, outgoing, happy person with an amazing chosen family, wonderful friends, and am Owned by an incredible Dominant. My life is fantastic and full. While new relationships and play partners are not completely out of the question, my presence here is focused on education, networking, and modeling. Play at appropriate events can be negotiated, but please read this first.

The bulk of my interests lie in education, outreach, and helping people explore their sexuality. I have a multitude of class offerings designed to illuminate some of the less-explored fetishes and kinks, especially with an eye toward broadening acceptance and understanding of some of the more “taboo” subjects out there. See something offered that interests you? Email me at darkdollrebecca@gmail.com for scheduling! I also have a vlog series with my Owner, James Gordon, which focuses on power-exchange dynamics for the real world. You can find us at

Fetish-wise, I enjoy being pretty and pleasing and an object of admiration, which contributes to me being both a doll and a bit of an exhibitionist. I love being put through my paces publicly and have taken great joy on several occasions to find a small crowd watching with mouths agape at the end of a scene in which I’ve been involved. While beatings are fun, I’ve found I am most fond of anything that draws blood. If I can wind up bruised in addition to bleeding, all the better!

Outside of my kinks, my hobbies include reading, roleplaying, debating, theoretical discussions, and gaming. I love encountering witty people who can trade jokes and discuss the world intelligently. A sharp sense of humor tinged with sarcasm is incredibly sexy to me. If you can spark my interest in things I’ve never before encountered, let’s talk!


Coming soon!

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