Recent news and some additional information about the Doll


Wow! Okay, so this update has been a long time coming! I’ve finally gotten things laid out the way I mostly want them and I think I have the widgets working properly, but I’m sure that there will issues that pop up as time goes on because technology. I’ve included a few older posts that…

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Key Facts

Ethical Polyamorist – IMPORTANT!!!! This does NOT mean I will play with any and everyone, fuck around, be your dirty little secret, etc. It simply means that I can and do date multiple people with each of my partners’ knowledge and consent, and they are free to do the same. While light play may happen at events…

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Just how serious are you?

This is a question I find myself being asked far too frequently for my liking. In ten years of marriage, I never once had someone approach me and ask “So…just how serious are you and your husband?” There’s good reason for that. It would be an appalling display of manners and an instant way to…

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My pronouns: On being pangendered

I’ve been having a multitude of discussions on this topic for several years with the people I love, and decided to put the information out to the universe for anyone who is actually curious and to be fair to those of my friends who genuinely want to know and have asked time and again to…

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