Wow! Okay, so this update has been a long time coming! I’ve finally gotten things laid out the way I mostly want them and I think I have the widgets working properly, but I’m sure that there will issues that pop up as time goes on because technology.

I’ve included a few older posts that have some important bearing on things people need to know about me, so if you’re curious you can find them linked off of my main About Me page. I have vague ideas of using this area to regularly post longer discussions of things I tweet and vaguebook about, as well as highlighting some of the work I do as a model and…I don’t know. Increase my web presence? That’s a thing, right? Sure, we’ll go with that.

Normally, I plan to write a bit more, but I’ve spent all day working on this thing. I’m pretty much done with staring at it and want to get this first post up and officially kick it off. Welcome to my corner of the web!

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