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Rebecca Doll enjoys being pretty and pleasing and an object of admiration, and is an exhibitionist pain slut of the highest caliber. They love being put through her paces publicly and takes great joy in leaving their audience with mouths agape at the end of their scenes. While beatings are fun, they are most fond of anything that draws blood – either their own or someone else’s. Physicality is not the core of their interests, however. As a member of House of Artemisia, they spend a significant amount of their time focused on exploring the more twisted desires of the human mind, and applying her academic background, including putting their Master’s degree in Education to use in understanding the human needs for control, violence, and self-destruction.

Badass Bottoming – with James Gordon
The human body is capable of amazing things. The amount of punishment it can take is utterly astounding. Experienced edge play bottom Rebecca Doll answers your questions and leads you through the steps they take before engaging in any hardcore scene. From hook suspensions to flesh removals to intense interrogation scenes to delving into emotional trauma, they bring their years of experience of playing at the harshest edges of the BDSM scene along with a solid background in biology to help you prepare to push your own limits as a bottom. Topics in this class will include mental and physical preparation, safety concerns, methods for finding an experienced top, sustaining yourself through the scene, and important aftercare tips.

Being Barbie: An Introduction to Dollification Fetish – with James Gordon
Does dressing up get you hot? Is objectification one of your kinks? Do you dream of being played with? Or maybe you’re interested in owning the most versatile of toys? Whatever your interest, dollification fetish presents a myriad of opportunities to explore kink in fun new ways. In this class we will explore what dollification is, the dynamics that can exist between an Owner and a doll, potential types of doll play, and useful tools and resources for building a better doll.

Beyond Pirates and Schoolgirls: Kinky Roleplaying – with James Gordon
We start by dressing up, but called on to play the role of the dastard or the damsel in distress we often feel ludicrous or self-conscious. Learn how to use basic theatrical and writing techniques, as well as character templates and plot outlines, to build a successful roleplay that doesn’t leave you feeling like a fool. Stanislavski’s method and basic plot building are a part of this class, which will end with you designing your own Roleplay. More fun with a partner, bring an open mind.

Canine Capers – A Puppy Play Primer – with James Gordon
The bond between humans and canines extends back thousands of years. The image of the ever-faithful servant seated loyally at the side of the beloved master transcends cultural boundaries to bridge multiple walks of life. As such, it’s no wonder that puppy play is such a pervasive power dynamic in the BDSM world. In this interactive class, new and experienced puppy players alike will come together to explore the wide world of pup space. Pups, handlers, and dog-lovers of all breeds welcome!

“My ass is sore…you take out the fucking garbage…” – the realities of power exchange – with James Gordon
We all know it happens. The bliss and magic have started to wear thin and the issues of money, other partners, chores and work are closing in. There are rumblings of mutiny. Can this power exchange survive? We’ll present basic techniques for defusing, renegotiating, and surviving when the NRE wears off. Leave the haze of books and movies and join in on a realistic discussion about how power exchange actually works. We’ll look at how partners overcommit and why, and work with participants to graph their own power exchange.

Death Fetish 101: The Ultimate Taboo – with James Gordon
The seething sexuality of slasher films and Suicide Girls illustrate that concepts of death and sex are inseparable in our minds. But Death is the ultimate “no fly” zone of fetishes, too scary and immediate for many to be comfortable with. We all know that fantasizing doesn’t mean wanting, but when it comes to death too many TV shows have convinced us that we shouldn’t dig too deep, leaving players willing to transgress the taboo without a playbook or the safety tips that routinely cover other areas of fetish. We’ll investigate the roots of our sexualized obsession with death, and look into ways that deathplay can be incorporated into our scenes with a strong eye towards safety, physical and emotional.

Death Fetish 201: The Next Level – with James Gordon
So you’re already at home with the idea that sex and death are an erotic core of our culture. You’ve watched the slasher films, you’ve come to peace with those friends who have decied your kink is most definitely not okay. You want to scale new heights. We’ll talk more about the psychology of death play, its roots in our culture, and suggest ideas for scenes…and safety to keep you breathing till your next deathplay scene. We’ll look at tools for deathplay, both mental and physical.

“I want you to run my life!” – Negotiations for Power Exchange – with James Gordon
From marks to hard limits you know how to negotiate a BDSM scene. But Power Exchange is not sceneplay. Is their bank account, child, transportation, and job just an afterthought? “Sure I won’t interfere with those.” Often when power exchange collides with real life, we don’t have a plan. This class focuses on negotiations outside of sceneplay. Other partners, time away, safer sex, chains of command, families and finances, approached from the standpoint that there is no “right” and “wrong” only a power dynamic that suits your individual needs.

I’m not sure this relationship is good for me…when power exchange is unhealthy – with James Gordon
“I was too badly burned…I’ll never do that again.” Many of the old norms and assumptions about power exchange relationships seem custom designed mask massive insecurity, defense mechanisms, and codependence. For some of us, character or upbringing has made a normal egalitarian relationship difficult, undesirable, or even impossible. Often we focus on “staying away” from “abusive” power exchange relationships but many relationships carry the seeds of unhealthy behaviors, and turn bad as unprepared people stumble unintentionally into pitfalls. If we followed all the safety warnings, many power exchange relationships would never happen. We’ll focus on the technical aspects of how bad relationships form and the personal characteristics such as PTSD, denial, and repression, that work to create them.

DM/s without a Tradition – Power Exchange for the rest of us – with James Gordon
I don’t feel a connection with leather tradition and I’m not interested in Gor. Is there D/s for the rest of us? Traditions of power exchange with a strong ownership or Dominant/submissive dynamic tend to emphasize tradition, to the extent some people don’t feel they can “belong.” Nobody has a copyright on the concept of personal, consensual, lifestyle Dominant/submissive relations, but fictional models such as 50 Shades fall well short of delivering a viable framework. Personal D/s is an a la carte tradition, but you’ll walk away with a gameplan for defining your needs and style in D/s. Great for those who are thinking about taking the step into D/s and useful for anyone who isn’t quite sure if their current dynamic “fits.”

Hypnosis 101 – withJames Gordon
It’s not uncommon for people new to hypnosis to find themselves dependent on scripts written by others, or a magic charm like induction that works…sometimes, though they don’t understand why. Hypnosis is a science and it can be broken down into its components. In our 101 you’ll learn the building blocks necessary to hypnotize successfully every time, and be able to write your own scripts and inductions. It’s a lot easier than you think. We cover consent in hypnosis, how to create a hypnotic modality, types of suggestibility, and the components of a hypnotic induction!

Consent in Hypnosis – with James Gordon
Consent is a hot issue. From college campuses to local kink communities, consent is being actively discussed, and new understandings of how it relates to sexual interaction are evolving. Over the past five years concepts of consent have been explored in many communities on many levels. Hypnosis involves strong elements of control and behavioral change. We investigate principles of informed consent, and sources for standards, as well as offering concrete checklists and tools to aid in developing your own framework for consent in hypnotic play. Note that this is not a basic Consent 101 class, but focuses on consent in relation to hypnosis.

Hypnosis 201 – with James Gordon
In our 201 class we begin with the presumption you know how to get someone into a basic hypnotic state. If you don’t…don’t worry. It’s easy to learn and we’ll point you at references. We’ll recap basic hypnosis and consent, then move on to advanced inductions, working with people who are more difficult to hypnotize, and how to create physical sensations and new experiences that can broaden your play with hypnosis.

Dark Side of Hypnosis – Edgeplay, Mindfucks, and Trauma – with James Gordon
Visions of erotic violence or sinister control dominate our movies and fantasies. From chainsaw disembowelment to death to formative sexual trauma, many of our most delicious fantasies are unsafe or inaccessible. While we may visit these things under the aegis of “pathworking” or “ritual,” one of the most direct and controllable forms of visualization is too often off the table. Learn the use of hypnosis to go with malice aforethought into those dark recesses only touched before, and take edgeplay further than the physical. Note that this is a workshop about brutal edgeplay, not about healing psychic trauma. Learn techniques for transferring pain, creating artificial sensation, and controlling orgasm. While we will discuss how to create informed consent for this type of mental play, this is not an ethics workshop and it may involve references or demonstrations centering on psychic trauma which may be disturbing.

Difficult Subjects – with James Gordon
Anyone can be hypnotized. But not everyone experiences the state that they want. We’ll look at concrete methods, including direct and inferential suggestion, of working with subjects who seem lowly or non-responsive to traditional inductions to achieve a hypnotic state. We’ll also cover some issues or characteristics that may make hypnosis more difficult. This class is not a challenge and we cannot promise to hypnotize everyone, but we can give useful insights on how to be most effective with subjects who have a hard time achieving a traditional state.

Immersive Role Play – with James Gordon
Hypnosis can be a starting point for Roleplay, but there are more ways to use it than stage theatrics. Many elements of traditional “method” acting bear a strong relation to hypnosis. We start by dressing up, but called on to play the role of the dastard or the damsel in distress we often feel ludicrous or self-conscious. Learn techniques for combining hypnosis with Roleplay to help yourself others achieve better roleplay both in and out of state.

Inference and Sensation Transference: Building a Hypnotic Experience – with James Gordon
Reaching a suggestible state and “feeling” suggestions, or just want to up your game in weaving a powerful tapestry in the mind, this class is for you. We focus on specific, concrete, techniques for creating physical sensation and constructing vivid scenes and experiences through hypnosis. We’ll discuss how to know your subject, understand their suggestibility, and use prior or shared memories to heighten their experience.

Being Barbie: An Introduction to Hypnotic Dollification Fetish – with James Gordon
Do you want to be made into a doll? Does dressing up get you hot? Is objectification one of your kinks? Do you dream of being played with? Or maybe you’re interested in owning the most versatile of toys? Whatever your interest, dollification fetish presents a myriad of opportunities to explore kink in fun new ways. In this class we will explore what dollification is, the dynamics that can exist between an Owner and a doll, potential types of doll play, and useful tools and resources for building a better doll, with an emphasis on hypnotic techniques. The class will work together to brainstorm which types of doll play interest them, share past experiences and background with doll play, and explore potential scenes through hands-on activities involving props and costuming provided by the presenters. No prior experience is necessary to participate in any of the class activities.

Mind Control and Brainwashing: Truth and Fiction – with James Gordon
To be “fully controlled” or to control is a passionate desire so common that no personal ad is complete without it, but talking about the actual techniques of mind control and brainwashing is forbidden mental edgeplay. We’ll look at BDSM “myths” as well as the realities of changing the way the brain works – forever. Subtle and invisible, mind control leaves a permanent mark that is the mental equivalent of branding. We’ll focus on understanding positive and negative reinforcement, drivers, and the extinction of behaviors, leaving you with a clear understanding of the mechanisms behind using both reward and punishment to create permanent change in the human mind.

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